This system allows the use of our packaging machines by industries that produce chlorine based products, such as bleach, cleaning products, scented cleaners etc. Its design maintains all the technical characteristics, unique differentials, productivity and precision of the traditional line, altering only the constructive materials of the same.


The stainless steel is replaced by several types of engineering plastics, each suitable for its use and function, choosing the one that best fits in each case. The most commonly used are: reinforced fiberglass tubes imported to the structure (the same used in oil platforms), nylon, teflon with and without load, CPVC, PVC, polyesters, UHMH (various versions), reinforced glass fibers , among others. We also use, on the piston parts of the nozzles, some titanium connections and connections of high strength and durability. Only small structural parts that require great effort are kept in steel, but for them Realiza gives a guarantee of functionality of at least 5 years, and they can only present visual variations.


In summary, tanks, pumps, nozzles, nozzles, structures, conveyor belts etc. are all made in the various materials above. The electro / electronic part is housed in sealed panels, which receive long air, forming a positive internal pressure, which prevents corrosive vapors from penetrating and damaging its components. The packaging modules are disassembled, the part of motor-pumps being separated in the container sector and its electronic part in separate panel with the same characteristics above. The closing cabinet comes with a flange prepared for exhaustion (at the customer's expense). This whole project was conceived through detailed studies of materials and their adequacy to each required function, studies of chlorine reaction in the laboratory, durability, wear, etc., so that we can offer a high technical training equipment for use in these conditions. In addition, our chlorinated systems continue to allow the packaging of all other products, not being a dedicated machine, but offering the wide flexibility, exclusive of Intelligent Filling Systems.

Filling and closure systems for chlorine