Our HiThor / HiPress Threaders work through side discs that perform threading of the lids. This system allows no stops in the line for threading since it acts in a linear and continuous way, reaching high production (flasks / hour).


Another great advantage of this model of threader is its ability to thread "bomb" type caps, with triggers, spray type, witch hat type, with nozzles, among others not acting on them, but on its side, allowing adjustments for bottles from 8 cm up to 40 cm in height without the need for extra accessories.


Its set is formed by:


  • 2 side discs coated with polyurethane or similar, with different hardnesses (shore) according to the ideal specification for the types of covers;

  • 1 Side tractor that holds the bottle by its sides, preventing its movement, twisting or rotation during the threading process;

  • 1 top mat of non-slip, motorized material that holds and holds the cap in its correct threading position and at the same time contributes to the balance of the bottle during this process;

  • Upper steel guide for use in the orientation of pump or trigger type caps, which have the right side / position to attach to the bottle;

  • All structure in 304 stainless steel or according to design according to its application;

  • System and attached electro-electronic panel.


Each of the components (disks, tractor, upper treadmill) has independent speed control through frequency inverters for perfect process adjustment.