Moduflex packaging modules are  independent and semi-automatic packaging systems which, thanks to their “modular” characteristics, have the exclusive ability to become, in the future, a fully automatic filling system through their installation in one of our packaging automation systems of the "HIBUC", "Hi-Flex" or "Express" lines.


In addition to this advantage, they allow the expansion of the productive capacity of the automatic system, according to the number of modules that are added to it, with low investments and with the advantage of growing in the already existing line, without needing new physical spaces or again group of people, providing great savings and cost savings in terms of vials / man.

They are presented in 4 versions, which serve a huge range of volumes:

  • Model C2 - Ideal for containers from 10 to 100 ml with high precision;

  • Model C4 - The most versatile: it serves from 80 ml to 5 liters;

  • Model E2 or E4 – With high torque and speed, besides serving liquid and light products, it is ideal for more viscous and high density products in volumes from 100 ml to 10 liters (E2) or from 1 liter to 50 liters (E4);

  • Model E4 – High Speed – Specially designed for containers of 20 liters or more. It has high torque, which qualifies it for both light and low viscosity liquid containers as well as products with a density close to 2,5 and high viscosities.


In addition, through special nozzle systems and with its unique features, the range of volumes serviced by a Moduflex can be enlarged, which is the basis of our flexibility.