The “HIBUC – Realiza Automation Modules” are in fact the whole package automation system, which is completed by the coupling of the “Moduflex Group Modules”.


This exclusive “modularity” is what gives the customer great savings in investments in bottling plants, as it can start with smaller productions and grow its production capacity according to the need by purchasing only Moduflex Group modules with small and gradual investments.

They have four versions available:

  • HIBUC IV – Up to 04 modules Moduflex Group (8 nozzles);

  • HIBUC VI – Grows up to 06 modules Moduflex Group (12 nozzles);

  • HIBUC VIII – Up to 08 modules Moduflex Group (16 nozzles);

  • HIBUC XII – Grows up to 12 Moduflex Group modules (24 Nozzles).


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