The Boxer System is an equipment intended to fit bottles (of specific models) into cardboard boxes previously armed by the operator (also of specific models). The equipment is based on a positioning system.

With simple panel operations, you can configure your box according to the characteristics of your factory. It is possible that adjustments are made to the speed of the cartons and bottles; configurations of the dimensions of the boxes; calibration of bottle tongs; among other adjustments for greater efficiency of its production.

It is a modern, high-performance, easy-to-use device equipped with modern control and automation features and its operations are controlled by a central PLC (Programmable Logic Computer) that controls the entire boxing cycle.


It also has two main characteristics to perform its functions efficiently and quickly:

  • Storage: organizes, trains and feeds the canvas mat with boxes previously armed and positioned by the operator;

  • Collector: sorts, counts and groups the correct amount of jars and inserts them vertically into the box through the so-called tweezers.