This type of positioner system is formed by a cap elevator with special conveyors, in which the caps are positioned as they are dragged from the lower cap reservoir (to approximately 1 cardboard box caps). In this elevator, the caps positioned on one side have their center of gravity that force them to stay on the mat, the others, positioned on the other side, tend to fall.


In the upper part they are displaced by systems of directional channels, with or without blowing compressed air and are directed to the descending channel, going to the end where the support system of the caps is, preparing them to be drawn by the bottle itself or, depending on the model of the system, to position on a conveyor belt that will take them to other equipment.


This system may have as an option an internal seal detector, which verifies that each lid is with its internal seal, and for those without it, it activates a diverter that draws them from the system to a specific location.


The equipment has as standard a cover size / model, but can be used for other models / sizes with the optional acquisition of additional rails and drag systems for each of the requested models.


We also offer the option for classified areas (Anti-Explosion), through the PRESS system, which meets national and international standards.