The system consists of 4 high-precision optical fiber sensors installed in a level plane perpendicular to the bottle cap.

Screens will be offered at the HMI enabling the operator to parameterize the sensor reading data as follows:


  • Limits for comparing the relative measurements of each sensor, allowing the operator to enter the maximum acceptable value for the differences, if the readings are higher than the pre-programmed, the cylinder will be rejected;


  • Within a tolerance limit between the 4 sensors (to be defined by the operator) the four sensors will measure their height relative to the cap, if they read a higher value than the operator has previously defined, the cylinder will be rejected.



Following the mat of the closing system, a parallel to main mat will be incorporated. In the union of these two mats will be implanted a bottle diverter system, which will have the ability to divert the bottle with closing problems, from the normal mat to this side mat.


This deviation will be done by moving guides that will take the bottle from one treadmill to another, without danger of falling.


Each time the sensors identify a vial with closing problems, this diverter will be triggered and the vial will be diverted to the side mat.


All sensors will be interconnected to a PLC installed on AISI 304 stainless steel panel.