The weight checker is a dynamic trend scale with checkweighter, consisting of three treadmills, one of feeding and stabilization, one of dynamic weighing and one of exit, with independent motorization and control of speed, control via CLP, equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI) with touch screen control.


With the following composition:


o   Motorized entry mat: separates and stabilizes the bottles or packages before entering the weighing belt;


o   Dynamic weighing belt: it aims to perform dynamic weighing of the bottles or packaging.;

o   Exit conveyor with rejection system: equipped with a bottle rejection system or packs with a weight outside the pre-established weighing range, this system can be designed for pneumatic actuation of a tailpipe or air blowing function of the packed package.

o   Production control system:

          -  Weight above, below and standard deviation;

          -  Ability to work with different product recipes;

          -  Line stop time control and operator name;

          -  Possibility of transferring production data to a PC as an option.