Our Tranference pumps are built with a three-phase AC motor, in which we couple our E4 gear pump, all built in 316 stainless steel, with stainless steel gear options, fiberglass teflon or other customer specified material.

They have estimated flow from 320 to 4100 l / hour, depending on product and speed.


Our gear pump maintains all the characteristics of easy cleaning, because it is completely collapsible without the use of tools. Their couplings are Type TC. This set is fixed on a 304 stainless steel trolley, with wheels and double handle for easy displacement, to allow its use in various sectors of the industry.


It has a control panel located in the handle, which has all the electrical connections, consisting of circuit breakers, thermal breakers, contactor, electrical distribution and output of a connection cable.


This model also has a frequency inverter connected to a potentiometer, to control the speed, allowing adjustments according to the characteristics of each product to be pumped.