The Batcher is fully automatic, receiving the bottles with the lids already positioned by operators or by an automatic cap positioner.


It is composed of a standard structure in 304 stainless steel (or other material according to its application) on which is installed a platform, also in stainless steel, with a polyurethane mat of high resistance, non-slip and tractioned by a motor reducer.


The regulation of this system is made in four different ways, always in a fast and practical way, which allows its use for a wide range of vials and caps:

  • in the height >> through a direction that goes up or down the system;

  • at the angle of inclination >> by adjusting its side supports;

  • in the degree of resistance of its vertical flexibility >> by adjusting hardness in the central spring;

  • at top belt speed >> through a potentiometer on the Control Panel.


It has a Control Panel where all electrical and electronic systems, circuit breakers, contactors, frequency inverter, emergency stop system etc. are installed.